What is Margaret Lackey?

What is it?

The Margaret Lackey State Offering is the primary funding stream for key mission efforts in many different areas: Garaywa Camp and Conference Center in Clinton, Central Hills Retreat near West, Missions Volunteers, Church Multiplication, Community Ministry, Disaster Relief, Criminal Justice Ministries, Collegiate Outreach, Christian Women’s/Men’s Job Corps, Cross-Cultural Evangelism, Language/Deaf Ministry, and Port Ministry.

The Margaret Lackey Offering for State Missions is like the Cooperative Program’s little sister, and adds value to what Mississippi Baptists are doing together in missions, church leadership training, and compassionate evangelism. The offering helps position us to fulfill the Great Commission appeal of Acts 1:8.

Who was Margaret Lackey?

Margaret Lackey grew up doing what most girls her age did. She played games, went to school, and did chores at home. She attended Hillman College in Clinton, where she studied to be a teacher, and later taught for many years.

Miss Lackey liked learning about missions. She taught young children in her church to love missions. She also enjoyed writing poems and mission study books. In 1912, Margaret Lackey was hired as the first paid leader of Mississippi Woman’s Missionary Union.

ln 1903, a special day was chosen as the time to remember state missions each year.

On that day, women would learn about missions needs in Mississippi. Today, we call this special time during the month of September, the Season of Prayer for Mississippi Baptist State Missions.

Miss Lackey retired as corresponding secretary of Mississippi WMU in 1930. Five years later, the offering was named in her honor as the Margaret Lackey State Mission Offering.